Ensuring Insurance for Every Car Rental

When Veekle was conceived, the paramount concern was ensuring the safety and security of both car owners and travelers. How could the platform safeguard owners' vehicles while also ensuring travelers were not unfairly held responsible for any mishaps?

After an extensive search, Veekle established a partnership with a leading Insurance provider in Jamaica. Each time a car is rented through Veekle, a customized insurance policy is activated. Whether you're renting out your car or embarking on a journey, you can relax knowing you're covered by robust protection.

Rent with confidence through Veekle.

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Rent Your Car With Protection

Peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected in case of 3rd party liability, damage or injuries.

Your Safety and Asset Protection: Our Top Priority

Car 3rd Party Liability

In the event of an accident where your Traveler is at fault, our 3rd Party Insurance ensures coverage for the costs related to the other driver's vehicle. The premium for this coverage is a flat rate that’s not dependent on vehicle's valuation. 

Car Damage Protection

Our customized comprehensive insurance policy protects your traveler and vehicle from damages caused by the traveler.

Car 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Day or night, your vehicle can break down, leaving you stranded in unfamiliar and potentially hazardous locations. That's why roadside assistance is one of our top priority.


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